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Fort Collins Hail Damaged Roof

Our Fort Collins hail damage repairs will restore your home to its former glory!

Fort Collins Hail Damage Roof Repair

If you’ve got a storm damaged roof, don’t just leave it and hope that it’ll be alright! Even minor un-repaired roof hail damage can cause significant problems down the line. Call Tom Sawyer Construction, the experts at Fort Collins hail damage roof repair.

Storm Damage Assessment

It can be difficult to judge the extent of storm damage to your roof but we know exactly what to look for and can provide you with a free and comprehensive estimate of your likely hail damage repair costs

Hail Damage Repair

Whether you’ve suffered minor or more significant hail damage to your home, our qualified and experienced roofers will keep you dry, repairing any type of roof quickly and professionally

Insurance Claims

With years of experience dealing with insurance companies we’ll represent you to get an accurate and fair settlement for your Fort Collins hail damage roof repair that minimizes out of pocket expenses

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Our Fort Collins Hail Damage Roof Repair Services

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Here at Tom Sawyer Construction, we’re qualified and experienced in repairing hail damage to all types of roofs including metal, slat, asphalt and shingle to both residential and commercial properties.

However, because it’s often not just your roof that’s damaged from hail, we can also repair and replace gutters, fascia, siding, stucco, brick and stone work, windows and exterior paint.

Fort Collins Hail Damage Repair

Meet Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer

Tom worked in a fast and upscaled environment as project manager for the Lennar Corporation assuring complete and smooth client transitions into new homes. With encouragement from family, friends, and neighbors Tom started Tom Sawyer Roofing and Construction in 2008 in Fort Collins. In his free time, Tom enjoys Crossfit, camping, fishing and playing in the mountains. He also coaches his son and daughter’s baseball teams, and loves teaching kids the benefits of hard work and fitness. Tom makes sure his Clients are taken care of and that the construction projects run smoothly and successfully from start to finish. Your satisfaction is Tom’s priority.

What People Think About Us

5 Star Pizza Stone

“Tom Sawyer Construction is without a doubt the best roofing company in Fort Collins. We had hail damage that wasn’t repaired properly by another company we’d used years ago but it wasn’t until we had a string of big storms that we found out. Because of the old problems, we had considerable water damage inside our roof that we thought would cost a fortune to repair. Tom did a free roof inspection and took his time to look over all the damage to our home and walked us through the whole process of getting our insurance adjuster to cover all the damage in our claim. All of the repair work to our storm damaged roof was then completed quickly and I’m so happy knowing that we’ve got a solid roof over our heads.”  ~John

5 Star Pizza Stone

“Our home was seriously damaged in a hail storm a few months ago. We had no idea what to do but luckily called Tom Sawyer for a free inspection to repair the hail damage to our roof. He came out to see us the very next day and took the time to talk us through how to get our roof replaced with insurance. He even helped us to negotiate an upgrade to our roofing so that it’s less likely to get so damaged in the next storm! ~Sandra”

5 Star Pizza Stone

“Tom and his contractors were totally professional throughout the whole process of getting our roof repaired from recent storm damage. I’d had some trouble in dealing with our insurance company but as soon as we brought in these guys it was like all we had to do was pay the deductible. Highly recommended.”  ~Zak

5 Star Pizza Stone

“I didn’t have insurance that would cover the cost of repairing hail damage to my rental property so ended up getting a number of quotes from different roofing companies in Fort Collins. Tom Sawyer wasn’t the cheapest but I trusted him and his team to do a quality job. To help me fund the repairs, he sat down with me and went over all the work that was necessary and came up with a good plan that made it affordable to get the major problems fixed now and the others sorted out later.”  ~Sarah

What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

It’s not necessarily just golf ball sized hail stones that can cause significant hail damage on roofs. Sometimes, hail damage isn’t very easy to see at all. It’s only in rare cases that you’ll be able to see holes or indentations but we know what to look for.

Hail in Fort Collins
Fort Collins Roof Hail Damage
Fort Collins Hail

Fort Collins Hail Damage Roof Repair Costs

The cost of repairing hail damage to roofs depends on the extent of damage. If you’re insured, we’ll work with your insurance adjustor to get all necessary repairs included and if you don’t have cover, we’ll help to keep any roof repair work within your budget.

Hail Damage to Roof Fort Collins
Fort Collins Roof Replacement

How We’re Different

Our Fort Collins hail damage roof repair provides superior service with these unique differences:

 •  Free inspections of hail and other storm damage

 •  Honest advice regarding how much hail damage to replace roof

 •  Help with how to get your roof replaced with insurance

 •  Professional storm damaged roof restoration

 •  Repair to large and small residential and commercial properties

 •  Complete service including repair and replacement of roofing, guttering, siding and windows

 •  Manufacturer and workmanship warranties

Hail Damage Repair Process

If you’ve recently had a storm that may have cause hail damage to your roof, follow these steps:

 •   Check your insurance policy for the specific details regarding storm and hail damage

 •  Gather evidence by taking photos both during and after the storm and/or freezing hail stones

 •  Report your claim by calling your insurance hotline to tell them when the storm occurred and what damage it initially seems to have caused

•  Contact us for an accurate assessment of what’s required for your Fort Collins hail damage roof repair

•  Let us negotiate with your insurance company

•  Enjoy you newly repaired roof

Claiming Insurance

When it comes to getting your roof hail damage insurance claim sorted, we’ll help you by:

 •  Meeting and dealing with insurance adjuster on hail damage on-site

 •  Ensuring that your Fort Collins hail damage roof repair estimate is complete

 •  Attending meetings with your insurance company

 •  Negotiating a fair settlement for your hail damage repair

 •  Looking for additional ways to get more work included in your quote

 •  Ensuring that your insurance company process your claim quickly

•  Completing all roof repair work to the high standard required by your insurance company

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